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4 Simple Solutions for Removing Pesky Pet Odors & Stains

When it comes to removing and eliminating pet stains and odors, the path to finding an effective cleaning solution can be tough. Depending on how bad the problem is, the power and amount of product you try can be the deciding factor in whether or not you can take care of the situation. The good news is that it doesn’t have to take a professional carpet cleaning service to tackle the problem for you. Believe it or not, there are quite a few household products that you’re probably already using on a weekly basis that can help. Here are 4 of the most effective and proven products that can return your house to normal and make your senses smile again.

1.) Baking Soda

First up we’ve got baking soda which shouldn’t be much of a surprise to most people. Baking soda is used in a variety of manners for cleaning, keeping our refrigerators fresh, and eliminating litter box odors.

For set in stains, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda and let it sit for a couple of hours then follow up with vacuuming.

2.) Club Soda

Club soda is known for it’s tough ability to take stains out of clothing, carpet, and plenty of other types of fabrics.

This treatment may take a few tries due to the effervescence. Blot the spot once the club soda stops fizzing and repeat as many times as needed until a change takes place. If this process isn’t working well for you, try following up with a baking soda.

3.) White Vinegar

White vinegar is great for neutralizing odors with the help of it’s high acidity, which can even treat the odors of set-in stains.

Vinegar is best used for blotting instead of rubbing so the stain doesn’t get rubbed deeper into the fibers of the carpet. After this is completed, dilute the white vinegar with equal parts cold water and pour it over the stain in small amounts, followed by blotting. For best results, vacuum over the area when it’s dry again.

4.) Bleach 

Last but not least we have bleach. For thick, caked-on stain and deep odors on light colored carpets, bleach diluted with water can be a last resort for treatment. We’re talking 10 parts water to only 1 part bleach. Apply the solution with a spray bottle for best results and let the area sit for 15 seconds before rinsing with warm water.

We understand that using bleach could possibly change the color of your carpet depending upon the type. Because of this, we strongly suggest to test an area before applying all together to prevent possible discoloration. Let the test drop sit for a minute or so before applying water. Obviously, if no discoloration occurs then a bleach solution is safe for your stains.

6 Fun Carpet Cleaning Facts All Homeowners Should Know

It’s obvious to most people that like every other item you own, your carpet has eventually be cleaned. Many people would argue that it costs too much money to hire someone or that it takes too much time to do it on their own, yet the consequences of not keeping it clean can possibly end up costing more in the end.

Carpet may look and feel soft on the exterior but deep within the fibers lie thousands of germs, dirt, and bacteria that can have undesirable effects on health; especially those with allergies. Kids and outdoor pets can only add to the problem, making it take even tougher to keep clean. In a well-written article we discovered on, there are a handful of facts mentioned that will make you NOT want to miss a carpet cleaning again, which is the inspiration of this article today. The next time you think about laying around or doing yoga on your carpet, you may think twice about the last time you gave it a thorough cleaning. Here are the 6 most interesting facts we took from the article:

1.) This is kind of a scary one, especially if you have kids.- The stomach bug virus can harbor deep in the fibers of your carpet for up to one month.

2.) Sprinkle salt in your carpet and let it sit in one hour in order to brighten it.

3.) Us humans lost around 1.5 million skin flakes in an hour which become embedded in our carpet.

4.) Many people’s carpets are seven times more filthy than city streets and 4,000 times more than a toilet seat. Talk about germs…

5.) This one may be obvious to some, but: The 5 second rule is non-existent. In carpet, bacteria can live longer than 4 weeks!

6.) Carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Many people may think that the professionals just say that to earn more business but after reading some of these facts, wouldn’t you agree that it’s starting to sound like a good idea every minute?


So when’s the last time you had your carpet cleaned?

4 Eco-Friendly Formulas for Cleaning Furniture

Your furniture can become filthy over time despite how often you clean it. Furniture isn’t exactly cheap and we know how important it can be to get the maximum use out of your investment. If you aren’t someone that likes to use plastic or fabricated covers for your couches and chairs, it can be difficult to protect them from your kids, pets, and everyday use.

Returning your furniture to it’s original clean can be done easier than you may believe and in a timely and efficient manner. We have gathered a few ways to clean the spots on your furniture on the spot, so you can spark the comfy old relationship back up that you once had with your favorite chair or couch. Before you begin cleaning, it’s best to vacuum the furniture to the best of your ability to remove any pet hairs or dust.

Here are the products and procedures you can apply to give your furniture that ‘new clean’ feeling again.

1. For dark stains, hydrogen peroxide is a beast. Mix it with a teaspoon of dish soap and blot the stain. Eco-friendly dish soap is ideal but any type will be fine. Immediately follow using a dry towel in order to soak things up.

This method works wonders for stains as tough as ink, red wine, dark liquids, and pet urine.

2. The last method can work on coffee as well however, rubbing egg yolks with lukewarm water on the stain can do better in some cases.

3. For any and all types of stains, a whipped detergent can do just the trick. Mix half part dish detergent with half part water into a container using a hand mixer to whip the solution up. After completion, run the solution onto the stained area followed by a rinse with water.

4.  For really tough or set-in stains it may be necessary to bring out the big guns. A steam cleaning machine may be  your last resort but if you don’t want to use the regular old shampoo these machines come with, hot water alone can do the trick.

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